These subjects are focused points of knowledge within the Chugachmiut worldview - A worldview that recognizes that us, nature, and the past and future generations are part of one interconnected universe containing all the wisdom of our people. Browse through our social world, our natural world, and our creative world to learn more.
Pictured above is a Puffin Beak Shaman Rattle from the Copper River Delta. According to the Alutiiq Museum Archaeological Repository "Its concentric hoops represent the multi-layered Alutiiq universe where circles are passageways between Earth and the sea and sky worlds. Here, birds are powerful creatures that can traverse all layers of the world. They fly in the sky, walk on land, and swim and dive in the ocean. The puffin beaks, feathers, and bird images on rattles channel the power of birds to reach other worlds." (Rattle. 2020,

Many traditional Sugpiaq and Eyak spiritual ceremonies centered around shamans singing, drumming, whistling, and shaking rattles to interact with the spirit world. Therefore, rattles have been used for generations as a tool to connect us to the knowledge found in all layers of our universe.