About the Archive

Our Mission
Cama’i! LAXiishuh! The Chugachmiut Heritage Library & Archive serves the tribal communities of the Chugach Region by documenting and uplifting Sugpiaq and Eyak voices in the Chugach historical record and promoting access to cultural education resources. Chugachmiut strives to responsibly preserve and perpetuate Elders’ language, stories, and knowledge so that they are forever known to future generations.

A Community-Owned Archive
Chugachmiut translates to "People of the Chugach Region" and is a non-profit tribal consortium that serves the tribal communities of Nanwalek, Port Graham, Tatitlek, Chenega, Qutekcak, Cordova/Native Village of Eyak, and Valdez. A seven member board with a representative from each tribal community governs our organization. This Library and Archive fundamentally belongs to the tribal communities of the Chugach Region and our collection activities must always be in service to these communities.

Requesting Materials
Many of the records you can see on this digital archive site are available for loan. If you are interested in requesting any of these materials, please click on the “Loan Request” icon on the top right-hand side of an individual’s record’s page to formally submit a loan request.

Sharing Your Story
The Chugachmiut Heritage Collection would not exist without the generosity and partnership of Chugach tribal community members.

Cataloging and documenting Chugachmiut community history is an ongoing process. The more pieces of a puzzle we have, the better the picture we share. If you are viewing a record and have an edit to the information displayed or additional knowledge to share, please click on the “Share Your Story” icon on the top right-hand side of the record’s page to share your knowledge with an Archive/Library staff member. We are so thankful for your help!

If you are interested in discussing a digital or physical donation, please reach out to us through the contact form located under the “About” top menu tab and we would love to talk with you. Quyanaa!