Yaalirmiut Cakgwia'at (The Hero from Yaaliq)

Yaalirmiut Cakgwia'at (The Hero from Yaaliq)
Yaalirmiut Cakgwia'at (The Hero from Yaaliq)
Walter Meganack (Creator)
Derenty Tabios (Contributor)
Marvin Norman (Contributor)
William Smith (Contributor)
Brandon Moonin (Contributor)
Thomas Andersen (Contributor)
Lillian Elvsaas (Contributor)
Written in the 1970's by Walter Meganack Sr., translated by Derenty Tabios, and illustrated by Marvin Norman, this Sugt'stun story tells the tale of an unbeatable hero that faces a tragic end.

"Native people defend our culture, territory, people, and way of life.“ Lillian Elvsaas, Homer/Port Graham

"We are people of the ocean.“ Tom Andersen, Cordova

"You can be a fierce warrior, but anyone has the ability to hurt you, so you have to keep your guard up.“ Chief William "Bill" Smith, Valdez

"Be careful of your actions, do not be cocky, things come back to you.“ Brandon Moonin, Tatitlek

"Keep loyalty and marriage to our tribe.“ Cheryl Eleshansky, Cordova

**These insights were shared during an Open Archive workshop on April 15th, 2022. All participants gave consent for their words to be recorded and shared. 

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Sometime in the 1970's
Walter Meganack (Related)
Marvin Norman (Related)
Derenty Tabios (Related)
Lower Cook Inlet Sugt'stun Dialect (LCI)
Chugachmiut Heritage Preservation
Language, Old Beliefs
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Paluwik/Port Graham (Related)