A Beginner's Guide to Sugpiaq Weaving

A Beginner's Guide to Sugpiaq Weaving
A Beginner's Guide to Sugpiaq Weaving
June Pardue (Creator)
Dawn Randazzo (Creator)
Chugachmiut (Contributor)
Berlin Ethnological Museum (Contributor)
Carol Conant (Contributor)
Sally Ash (Contributor)
Colette Brantingham (Contributor)
Susan LaBelle (Contributor)
This document compiles the Sugpiaq weaving lessons master artist June Pardue shared with a group of Chugach regional elders during the September 2022 weaving retreat held in Anchorage. It is a how-to guide that teaches the basis of Sugpiaq style weaving. *This should only be used as an educational resource, and should not be used as a way to appropriate the honored Sugpiaq tradition of weaving.*
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June 7 2023
Chugachmiut Heritage Archive
Classroom Materials
Copyright 2023 Chugachmiut Heritage Preservation
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