Kanarlluk Bear Gut Raincoat

Alexis Sallee (Creator)
Joshua Corbett (Contributor)
June Pardue (Contributor)
Diane Selanoff (Contributor)
Joyce Kompkoff-Peterson (Contributor)
Brooke Mallory (Contributor)
Dawn Randazzo (Contributor)
Danaya Hoover (Contributor)
Darrel Olsen (Contributor)
Jessica Morningstar Hoover (Contributor)
Holly West (Contributor)
Chugachmiut (Contributor)
Native Village of Eyak (Contributor)
In June of 2022 a group of Sugpiaq women gathered in Cordova to revitalize the dormant tradition of making Kanarlluk (bear intestine raincoats). This film documents the process that was led by master artist June Simeonoff-Pardue from Old Harbor. She taught Sugpiaq artists Diane Selanoff from Port Graham, Joyce Kompkoff-Peterson from Chenega, Brooke Mallory from Cordova, and Dawn Randazzo who's family is from Tatitlek how to continue this honored tradition. 
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