Traditional Qayaq Build

Alexis Sallee (Creator)
Joshua Corbett (Contributor)
Joseph Tabios (Contributor)
Kris Tabios (Contributor)
Jonathon Sawden (Contributor)
Chugach Heritage Foundation (Contributor)
Chugachmiut (Contributor)
In the summer of 2022 master qayaq builder Joseph Tabios created a traditional Chugach style qayaq along with his son Kris Tabios and apprentice Jonathon Sawden. They began the build in Seward and completed it at Nuuciq Spirit Camp on Hinchinbrook Island in the Prince William Sound. The finished qayaq will be displayed at the Kenai Fjords National Park Service visitor center in Seward. This film documents their process of building a traditional Chugach qayaq.
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